International Research

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International Research 1 and 2 are classes offered at Palm Beach Central High School. These courses are designed to further educate students who have successfully completed Honors Holocaust Studies and want to learn more about the Holocaust and other Genocides around the world. The class focuses on what each of us can do to make a difference locally and internationally by creating unique and powerful projects and working with students in local schools and around the world. We work toward answering the question "Why?". 


    At its core, STAND's mission is to empower individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and end mass atrocities and genocide. The first STAND chapter formed at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. in 2004, just a few weeks after President George W. Bush called Darfur "genocide", and one year after the fighting broke out in Darfur, Sudan. In the fastest-growing and largest student movement since the anti-apartheid movement. By the end of 2005, STAND chapters had sprung up at more than 300 colleges nationwide. At its peak, STAND boasted an international network of more than 700 chapters around the globe. STAND has not expanded its membership to include High School Students. Palm Beach Central's TAG is an active member.

    STAND began as an acronym for "Students Taking Action Now: Darfur", but since 2009, their mission has expanded globally- to end and prevent genocide and mass atrocities wherever they may occur. Today we continue to focus on Sudan and South Sudan, but we also focus on four other areas: Burma, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Syria. In addition to our conflict-specific focus, we promote long-term policy solutions to prevent genocide, working with the U.S. government to prevent and mitigate mass atrocities, focus on civilian protection in ongoing conflict, and invest in long-term peace-building across the globe.

    CFCI is a project of the Enough Project and STAND. The goals of this organization is to end mass atrocities and to support peace, accountability and economic development in Congo. This organization works to encourage university officials, students and stakeholders, all of whom purchase electronics, to commit to measures that pressure electronic companies to responsibly invest in the Democratic Republic of Congo's mineral sector. Students work to raise awareness and their collective voices to demand that only conflict free products from the Congo are used in cell phones and other electronics. Companies like Apple, Motorola, and others have listened and are leading the way in their commitments to supporting economic development and opportunities in the region.

    Our mission is to build a movement of 100M action-taking Global Citizens to help achieve our vision of ending extreme poverty by 2030.

    Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030. By getting involved with Global Citizens you will learn about the systemic causes of extreme poverty, take action on those issues, and earn rewards for your actions. You will become a part of a global community committed to lasting change. Since 2012, over 10 million actions by Global Citizens have taken place around the world in an effort to solve some of the world's greatest challenges. That's ten million emails, tweets, petition signatures and phone calls targeting world leaders to end extreme poverty by 2030.

    Through a mix of content and events, grassroots organizing and extensive reach through digital channels, the organization has succeeded in building the world's largest movement for social action.